New Installs and Elevator Modernization

New Installations & Modernization

Whether it is a new elevator installation or you are seeking to give your old elevator new life once again, we here at Tampa Bay Elevator are fully equipped for the job and have the experience to get the job done correctly for you in a timely fashion.

We install nonproprietary state of the art elevator controls, and because the equipment is nonproprietary it can be maintained by any elevator contractor since no special tools are required. This also means that you are never held hostage by one manufacturer which is a good thing, and it also provides you the liberty to acquire replacement parts from various vendors in the future. This not only provides you with huge savings potential, it can also prevent delays in waiting on proprietary parts to be shipped which in turn can get you up and running sooner with less down time.

When you choose Tampa Bay Elevator, you can do so with the understanding that we have the ability to bring your elevator up to code while improving the overall quality, reliability and appearance of your elevator system. This is what we refer to as Elevator Modernization, which can also increase your buildings overall market value and tenant satisfaction. It is also important to note that we can install partial upgrades to meet your budget or complete a reconstruction that was started by another elevator company. Whatever your elevator needs may be and no matter what your budget may be, Tampa Bay Elevator is the elevator company you can count on.

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